A diabetic health coach can be life-changing! When my daughter, Allie, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I was given some insulin, syringes, a glucometer, and carb ratios. I was told to let her eat whatever she wants and dose according to the ratios provided. Sounds easy, right? 

This philosophy didn’t work for us and led me on a journey to help people thrive with diabetes. This is a very sensitive topic, and many won’t agree. I don’t let Allie eat whatever she wants, as I believe that there are always healthier choices for everything. This is what I educate my clients on. 

A balanced holistic practice has helped Allie achieve stable, more predictable blood sugars and avoid the up and down roller coaster. As you may know, there are so many things that play a role in blood sugar. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, hormones, and mental health are all important factors. 

As a Diabetic Health Coach, I can help you thrive with diabetes without deprivation! 

Below are five benefits of a Diabetic Health Coach:

  1. Focus on the whole person.

I work with you on understanding how nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and other lifestyle factors affect diabetes. I will help you realize your full potential and be your accountability partner every step of the way. Above all, we will create sustainable change in your mind, body, and soul so that you feel in control of your diabetes. You will have more energy, increased stress resilience, and improved mental well-being! Most importantly, you will have more predictable blood sugars.

  1. Mindset.

We will work together to establish a healthy, balanced relationship with food and not fear the carbs. I will provide you with the necessary tools to feel physically and mentally strong. You will feel confident as you start your new journey. Most of all, you will be kind to yourself and avoid any negative self-talk.

  1. Create a Lifestyle.

You will leave my coaching program with a new foundation, a new way of life. A healthy life! My hope is to inspire you to draw the connection between the lifestyle you live and how you look and feel! I will help you establish a sustainable routine around food and exercise.

  1. Improve insulin sensitivity.

Insulin sensitivity is a game-changer for so many, and it has several benefits. Some benefits are improving post-meal blood sugars, reducing the amount of insulin needed for carbs, and improving blood sugar control. I will provide you with the tools needed to improve insulin sensitivity.

  1. Exercise.

Movement is good for our bodies, and we will work together to find a form of exercise that you enjoy doing. You should exercise because you love yourself and want to thrive with diabetes (we discuss this while conquering the mindset piece). Exercise will improve your blood sugars, improve your mood, and increase your energy!

Community of Like-Minded People

Living with Type 1 diabetes can be difficult and lonely. However, my program surrounds you with an amazing community of like-minded people! People who will have your front, back, and sides throughout this journey. People that will lift you up and support you!

Head on over to my programs page to take a look at how we can work together. https://www.ourintentionallifestyle.com/programs/

I can’t wait to get started with you!



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